Want to know the “secret” to happiness? Here it is:

You must love yourself unconditionally — even when there’s work to be done.

That’s it. It’s so important, I’ll say it again. The “secret” is:

Treating yourself with love & respect — even when things could use some improvement. Even when there’s a long way to go.

It’s not complicated. But it’s also not easy. That’s why there are people like me.

As a clinical psychologist & professional life coach, I’ve spent a combined 25 years helping people who are ready to build healthier relationships, vibrant careers & a peaceful dynamic at home.

I'm the one people turn to when nothing else has worked, and I strive to be the last healer you’ll ever need. Because once you’ve mastered that one little “secret”? Every challenge becomes a chance to grow ... into who you want to be.

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Dr. Gelb’s one of the best coaches in the world: informed & empowering.  With her support, my life has transformed.
KW, Clinical Social Worker