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What if...

What if you could… have HAPPY, HEALTHY Relationships with everyone in your life - your SIGNIFICANT OTHER, CHILDREN (even get them to pick up their clothes), FAMILY, FRIENDS. AT WORK. (+ maybe even meet your dream mate).

These are the Results that clients I've worked with have achieved – using the tools I teach. You too can enjoy these beautiful Results.

Yes, it's very possible. Keep reading to learn more.

But first, if you need some encouragement because you've tried to
fix your relationship, with little success… You're in the right place. People say I'm the one to go to when nothing you're tried for your relationship has helped.

I’ve tried other fixes, but Dr. Suzanne's coaching is the only one that works. I used her creative, heart-warming tools & got wonderful results."

You see, if you want to have healthy relationships now, you need to KNOW how to erase negative self-talk, forever - so you can say what you mean with Confidence; and you need to HAVE the Right Tools - so Communication with others is Easy. No conflict.

So whether you're a significant other, parent or in any other relation-
ship, you can find solutions designed for your relationship right here. All you need to do is follow my easy strategies + tips to see Results.

So how can I help you?

If you're working with me, you can expect a few signature moves, like
  • A proven holistic coaching style to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.
  • A laser-focused action plan to get you results.
  • Sensitivity, respect+gratitude for the honor to work with You
  • And maybe some humor sprinkled in, so you can smile & relax.

And while I can't place a guarantee on anyone's destiny, I can promise that if you commit to working with me, you WILL gain insight, understanding + tools to improve your relationships.

Want to work with me?

Great! We begin with a Quick Start package (includes a one-hour session with me where we dive deep into your relationship goals - via Skype/phone, + a "Self-Assessment" tool). You'll ALSO receive my signature meditation audio.

Click here
to learn more or reserve your spot.

Now is the best time. With all my support.

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Dr. Suzanne’s blog

Tired of apologizing? Terrific! Dump that habit.

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Lately, I’ve been having to make lots of decisions … where I get to express my opinion.

And lately, I’ve been getting some flack. Sometimes overt; other times, subtle.

Mostly well-intentioned, but flack none-the-less.

Flack for being too detailed, too picky …
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Dreaming about having some fun? Here are some ideas to keep it interesting (for your mind) and loving (for your emotions).


These days, I’m even more incredibly busy than usual.

It’s not my preference to be hopscotching between phone calls + emails + other daily to-do’s, but I’m super-focused on two businesses (nurturing a full-time counseling practice + birthing a new website and expanded online presence.)

It’s about timing, really (Isn’t it always!) In a nutshell, the gestation period for my website has taken longer than anticipated — this project is often like a time vampire! … SO much to do. Not surprising that I’ve been getting out of bed earlier … and earlier!

So what’s this got to do with having fun?
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9 Wise + loving ways to raise a healthy child, when you’re divorced (+ how to feel great, if you’re an adult child of divorce!)


“When my dad divorced my mom, it was kind of like him leaving me also.” That’s what Nicole Richie (daughter of singer-songwriter, Lionel Richie) told Oprah in a 2004 interview.
Nicole is not alone. Millions of families are affected by divorce.
Which means your child could be affected by the split as well. (Depending how you handle it).
But divorce + its often messy complications, doesn’t need to turn your child’s world upside down.
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Want to be OK with not knowing something? It’s OK … (really!)


Screenshot from video


So how do you feel about ignorance … you know, not knowing something?

Do you think there’s anything wrong with that?

Do you ever feel anxious or uneasy about being ignorant – like when someone asks you a question? … Maybe your boss wants to know something, or a family member asks you a question.  But you’re not sure of the answer.
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Need some inspiration? Here’s where I get mine . . .

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Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything.”
~ Albert Einstein

We all want role-models we can look up to … learn from … be inspired by.

That’s what life’s about. Learning … growing … becoming all we can be.

And children, especially need role-models who teach them helpful life skills. Too many are bored, hungry for attention, being raised by TV instead of caregivers.
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