Love, Always

Why I want to go out of business.


I was chatting with a colleague recently, and she asked me:

“What’s your big vision for your work? Your plan for the next 20 or 30 years?”

I took a moment to think — about my wonderful clients, my coaching practice, my blog, my books, my regular spot on local TV, and all the beautiful projects that are currently on my docket.

I took a moment to remember — about why I got into the field of emotional health, in the first place. (Initially, like so many, it was to heal myself.)

I took a moment to feel — my hopes + dreams about my work, some uncertainties about the future, all the emotions that fuel my growth, and my desire to learn to be my best.

I took a moment to breathe. In. And out.

And this is what I said:

“I want to live in a world where nobody needs a shrink or a life coach.”.

Because everybody has the tools that they need to manage their emotions — and change their lives for the better — already.”

My colleague said:

“So basically, you want to drive yourself out of business?”

And I said:


It may sound a bit cheeky. But I am not kidding.

I want YOU to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and say:

“I deserve unconditional love, now.”


“There are things in my life that I want to improve, now.”

And believe both statements, equally, now.

And have the tools that you need to make those improvements — while sustaining that love — always.

When that day arrives? For every human being on earth?

I will happily, gleefully, joyfully shut down my business, forever.

Until that blessed day … you can find me here on my brand-new website (which just re-launched, today!).

I created this new online home for me, for you and for thousands of people that I want to serve, but still haven’t met.

Because our work isn’t done … yet.

. . .

PS. There’s so much to explore on the new site. And I suggest starting … here.:)

PPS. Click here to read my article, just published in the Huffington Post — “Taking Care of an Elderly Parent — and Not Loving It? How to Turn Resentment Into Patience and Joy.”