Love, Always

This Labor Day, dream into your future. (Oh, and please… get offline!)

If you live in the United States, you’re probably familiar with “Labor Day.”

It’s a national holiday that happens on the first Monday in September, every year. A day of rest, where banks are closed, most offices shut down and America’s workers… don’t have to work!

At least, that’s the idea.

I’ve noticed — in my own life, and in others — that even when presented with a Very Special Day Devoted To Not Working, it’s very, very easy to let work creep in.

A couple quick glances at your inbox, here. A little peek at your calendar for the upcoming workweek, there. And before you know it… oops! The holiday is over. You forgot to rest. And your family is looking a little depressed… since you chose to spend the entire day semi-tethered to your phone, instead of sharing quality time with them.

My challenge, to you?

Take a day off, to honor yourself.

You deserve it.

Honor everything that you do at work. The tasks you love. The tasks you don’t love.

Honor all of the ways that you give and serve — making other people’s lives easier.

Honor everything that it took to build the life and career that you’ve got, even if it’s not “perfect.”

Honor your friends and family. Honor the neighbors in your community. Honor all of the people — outside of your work-universe — who sweeten your life.

If you don’t have the day off work, schedule your own personal Labor Day, on a different day. Unplug and refuel.

And if it feels right…

Take some time, this Labor Day, to let yourself dream… big.

Dream about the type of work you’d like to do, one day.

Maybe you’ll dream about a bigger, more influential career — touching thousands, or millions, with your message.

Maybe you’ll dream about a smaller, simpler career — downshifting to a slower pace, letting go of some pressure and stress.

And then…

See if you can take one small baby step towards make that dream a reality.

Maybe by sketching out a plan. Maybe by making a phone call to an old mentor or employer — after Labor Day is over, of course. Maybe by hiring a terrific career coach.

Whatever your first step may be, believe that you can do it — and so much more.

Believe that you can make this new dream a reality.

Happy Labor Day… or Big, Beautiful Dreamer Day… or Baby Stepper Day… or Gettin’ Off The Internet For Real Day… or whatever you choose to call this very special Monday.

Make it a beautiful one.

. . .

PS. No comments necessary, today, unless you have something you’ve just GOT to share. Get offline! Enjoy some precious, unplugged time. All of your work, your emails, and yes, your favorite blogs will still be here when you return. :)

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