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12 Treats for Getting Through the Holidays — with Bank Account, Waistline and Composure, Intact.

The end-of-year holidays are supposed to be a joyful time, but…

For many people, they are anything but cheery.

From overspending at the mall… to frantic travel days and looong delays at the airport… to gorging on pumpkin pie because Aunt Mable is driving one crrrrrazy… the holidays can often feel like one minor disaster after another.

In the spirit of giving, I’d love to share an early holiday gift:

A collection of 12 resources for getting through the holidays — with bank account, waistline and composure, intact.

Some of these resources were created by me. Others, by talented, gifted people.

Here it isa holiday survival toolkit.

1. The Nicest Place on the Internet. (For when someone just needs… a hug.)

2. 8 Ideas for Stress-Free, Meaningful Holiday Gift Giving by Lori Deschene, founder of Tiny Buddha.

3. Tools to help stop overspending, overeating & overcramming one’s calendar by yours truly, originally featured in BossFit magazine.

4. Curvy Yoga from Anna Guest-Jelley… a woman who creates yoga practices for bodies of all shapes and sizes, not just teensy-tiny-twisty people. (Anna has a HUGE collection of free yoga practices, podcasts and videos, here.)

5. A holiday music playlist from Spotify. (Spotify is a streaming music service that compensates recording artists for their work. People can listen with a cheerful spirit and a clear conscience.)

6. How To Say To Everything, Ever from Alexandra Franzen. She covers some tips on saying NO — quickly, firmly and nicely? Her article can help to turn an overcrammed holiday schedule into a leaner, more enjoyable one.

7. Spending time with elderly parents or grandparents this holiday season? Here are my tips on how to care for an elderly family member with patience, not irritation or resentment. (Hint: it all begins by taking good care of oneself, first.)

8. A free 12-minute guided meditation (plus a 2-minute intro) to get one’s day started right, by yours truly. (If someone’s curious about meditating, but feel like their brain never stops chattering, this may be useful.)

9. Or, if meditating just isn’t one’s thing… perhaps consider a punching bag for a home office or gym area. (Punch out some pent-up energy! Side bonus? Nice, toned arms! :)

10. For some people, exercise isn’t always enough to get relief from pent-up emotions. They want to go deeper.

The tools and self-reflection exercises that I share inside these guidebooks might be useful.

11. The Daily Puppy. Because sometimes, one just wants to stare at a puppy.

12. For those who are too busy to sample the resources above, consider taking a quick time out… now, or whenever possible… as often as possible. PAUSE…. BREATHE… AND ENJOY something beautiful…

Bougainvillea Plant

Wishing everyone who reads this a very happy, healthy holiday season.