Love, Always

What kind of “older person” do you want to be?

“It’s not how old you are, it’s how you are old.”
―Jules Renard

I still remember, vividly, the very first moment that I felt “old.”

I was staring at myself in the mirror, gazing, mystified, at a pair of legs that (surely!) belonged to somebody else.

“Those can’t be mine…” I thought to myself. “So saggy! So… old!”

For a brief time, I allowed myself to be swept up in a whirlwind of fearful, negative thoughts.

“I’m old. I’m unattractive. The local TV station is going to replace me with someone younger… they won’t want an oldie like me, appearing every week.”

Fortunately, those negative thoughts didn’t plague me for too long.

Thanks to my training as a clinical psychologist — and by using the tools that I’ve tucked away in my toolkit over the years — I was able to replace those negative thoughts with more appreciative, self-loving ones. (It was a lovely reminder that the tools that I teach… really do work! ;)

For me, part of my journey from panic back into peace meant completely reframing what the word “old” even means.

Society often says that “old” is synonymous with “unsexy,” “out of date” or “irrelevant.”

But is that really true?

Says who?

As the French writer Jules Renard reminds us, “It’s not how old you are, it’s how you are old.”

I love this reminder.

Getting older can mean… absolutely anything you want it to mean.

For me, getting older means:

: Running on the beach by my home.

: Tending to my garden and hugging trees (literally).

: Dressing in delicious clothes and playing with makeup, without necessarily following “trends.” But rather, honoring my own personal definition of “sexy.”

: Having lively conversations with dear friends, both online and face-to-face.

: Zipping off for exciting adventures and writing retreats in places like Portland and Los Angeles.

: Running a thriving psychology & life coaching practice.

: Launching a beautiful new website, and nurturing my new online community, one blog post at a time.

: Adding all kinds of new techie skills to my toolkit — like teaching myself how to create my new e-course, The Love Tune-Up.

: Pouring the wisdom I’ve learned over the years into a series of guidebooks, so that I can share my insights with as many people as I possibly can.

: Stepping into the spotlight for a regular TV segment, where I share insights and encouragement for parents.

: In many ways… living a bigger, richer, more energizing life than ever before!

Fitness. Style. Entrepreneurship. Learning new skills. Writing. Connecting. Traveling. Sharing wisdom, every chance that I get.

That’s “how” I am “old.”

Because “old” can mean… whatever I want it to mean.

. . . .

PS. What kind of “older person” do you want to be? Describe him or her in a few words. (Like: “Playful, generous, sexy.” Or: “Wise, curious, full of wonder.”).

PPS. I just released a brand-new guidebook, especially for older men and women.

It’s called: The Life Guide On… Aging with Grace, Strength & Self-Love.

If you are anxious about the aging process — riddled with negative feelings about your body, your relationships, or even your career options — and want to clear out those feelings so that you can get back to enjoying your life, this Life Guide is for you. I wrote it with love, and I hope it is deeply helpful to you. Click to learn more.