Love, Always

Need a miracle? Be here now.

I can tolerate a considerable amount of pain and discomfort.

Years of squeezing my blistered and bruised toes into tight ballet shoes and dancing en pointe for hours each day taught me how to grit my teeth and get through… just about anything.

But a few weeks ago, I came down with a cold that completely brought me to my knees.

I couldn’t breathe. My head was pounding. I felt nauseous, miserable, vulnerable, overwhelmed. Like every single cell in my body was aching in pain.

The discomfort was so intense, I actually felt a bit frightened.

Lying in bed, in my dark bedroom, all alone, I couldn’t help but wonder,

“Why is this happening to me? I never get sick! I have too many clients and people depending on me. So many appointments tomorrow. I can’t cancel. I can’t be sick. This can’t be happening. Not now.”

When we’re feeling unwell and physically vulnerable, it’s easy to go to that alone, helpless (and sometimes hopeless) place. And for several agitated hours? That “place” is where I existed.

 But around 1:30am that night, as I was tossing and turning, trying to breathe through my unbearably clogged-up sinuses, a little voice inside me said:

“Stay in the moment. You are not alone… in this world and beyond. Nothing is more important than your health. That’s what you need to focus on right now. That is your only focus, in this moment. Don’t be concerned about yesterday, or tomorrow, or anything else. Just be here now.”

For some beautiful reason… I got it.

That little voice of wisdom got through to me.

I stopped fretting about all of my appointments scheduled for the following day.

I stopped the self-judgment about “letting myself” get this sick.

I gave myself permission to relax into the present moment and to focus on what I needed right then — to rest and heal. With that, I began to feel calmer. Within minutes? I was asleep.

6:30am: the next morning. I woke up. Sore throat? Gone. Stuffy sinus? Gone. Headache? Mostly gone. Breathing? Easy.

“I can’t believe this,” I thought. “This is a miracle.”

A very special kind of miracle, absolutely.

What I had experienced was the miracle of shifting into the present moment, completely.

Not fretting about the past. Not obsessing about the future. Not punishing or tormenting myself. Just allowing my body to do its natural healing work. Just… being.

I am not a physician, nor am I an expert on flus or colds or nasal congestion.

But I will say this:

When you stop worrying, fretting and fussing and just glide into the present moment — even if the present moment is deeply uncomfortable, at first — miracles can unfold. Insights can arrive. Confusion can clear. (Sometimes? Sinuses, too.)

In some instances…

Simply “being here,” right now, is the most powerful medicine.