Love, Always

Go to your room. Choose your corner. Begin.

Imagine stepping into a very messy room. Clothes everywhere. Dust on every surface. Stacks of old bills to sort and pay. Total chaos.

It’s clear that whoever lives here has “let things slide” in a big way.

Not much care or attention has been paid, lately — and it shows.

Now, imagine that it’s your job to clean up that very messy room.

Chances are, you’ll feel completely overwhelmed at the beginning (“This is impossible!” “Where do I even begin?” “Ugh. Easier to just walk away.”)

But after assessing the situation — perhaps with the help of an encouraging friend or coach — you will realize, “OK. Obviously, I’m not going to finish this entire project today. But I see one small corner that I CAN start fixing up, TODAY.”

You start cleaning, tidying, sprucing, sorting, applying some grit and determination, and… whoa! Belong long, one little corner of the room is looking pretty darn great!

Suddenly, you can visualize what the whole room might look like — someday.

You see potential, where before, you saw only clutter.

You see the path emerging.

Your energy starts to build.

The following day? You get right back into that room. Initially, you feel that creeping feeling of dread and overwhelm come back again (“Wow. Still sooo much to do!”) but you manage to shake it off. NO. You know how good it’s going to feel to clean up one more corner.

You think back to yesterday — how proud you felt at the end of the day! — and this gives you the motivation to keep going.

You want that feeling again. You want it everyday, always, for the rest of your life.

The feeling of progress — and success.

You dig in.

The next day?

You do it again.

It takes time and tons of energy, but before long… you can’t believe your eyes.

This room is transformed. Truly.

It was chaos. Now it’s a sanctuary.


The results are miraculous.

All because of your focus, effort and love — and maybe a little help from your friends, mentors and coaches along the way.

You did this.


I bet you can already guess that this isn’t just a literal story about home renovation — it’s a metaphor for how “personal transformation” works.

That messy room? It’s your life. Cluttered with feelings, beliefs and habits that are weighing you down and holding you back from achieving what’s possible. (Your room might be “just a little dusty” or “extremely chaotic” or somewhere in between. In any scenario: the clutter is making it harder to be the kind of person you really want to be.)

That tiny corner that you choose to work on, first? That’s your first step into a better life.

That sense of pride you get after cleaning up just one tiny corner? That’s the emotional fuel that will keep you moving forward. That’s you, returning to your essence: pure love.

That clean, spacious room? That’s your reward. A rich, satisfying life. Work that you love. Relationships that work. Plenty of room to grow and breathe. Everything you desire. Nothing you don’t need.

At the very beginning of your journey, when you stare at the entire room — so messy, so daunting — it’s easy to get overwhelmed and just quit.

But when you roll up your sleeves and focus your attention on one tiny corner? Progress gets made.

Start small. Focus your efforts. Do one thing, today.

Do one thing to the best of your current abilities, and it will create a chain reaction of positivity that spills over into every aspect of your life.

If you want real, permanent, lasting change, there is only way forward:

Go to your room.

Choose your corner.

Consider seeking help qualified professional assistance, if you feel you need it.

Take a deep breath, and…