Love, Always

Praying for a miracle? Maybe you don’t need to “try” so hard.

At exactly 4:30am on January 1st, 2010, I waved goodbye to my high-rise condo in Waikiki and drove to my new home.

It was a significantly bigger, more spacious place to live. Away from the city — out in the countryside. Tucked in the midst of lush, green trees and overflowing ferns and flower bushes, with birdsong and geckoes all around.

A little piece of paradise. All mine. I could barely believe it.

Moving into my new home felt like a miracle. Despite uncertainty (“Can I afford this?” “Do I deserve this?”) I knew, the moment I unpacked my belongings, “This was the right choice.”

A miracle — on so many levels!

But the real miracle was still yet to come.

Here’s what happened:

One day, a rooster and his lady-friend strutted onto my property as if they had lived there forever. (Their expressions seemed to say, “Hmm. Who is this strange person in OUR home?”)

This birdy “couple” was beautiful to behold. It was so enchanting, watching them bustling around, looking for nibbles to eat. I fell in love with them immediately and looked forward to their clucky “hello!” every morning.

Then, quite unexpectedly, the lady-chicken disappeared. For several weeks, she was nowhere to be found. I wondered, chuckling to myself, if these two love-birds had gotten a “divorce”…?

Then one morning, several weeks later, I noticed a flurry of activity in a shrubby area of my backyard. As I moved closer, my heart began to glow, overflowing with excitement. Nestled in the shrubbery, I spotted… 11 little chicklets!

The rooster’s lady-friend had not abandoned or “divorced” him. In fact, she had been pregnant and very busy delivering her 11 kids!

Mom and her 11 little miracles have been scurrying all over the property digging for bugs and enjoying life. It’s been a joy to watch.


The moral to the story:

So often, in life, we strain ourselves and push ourselves to the absolute limit, trying to “make” things happen.

“Work harder!” we tell ourselves. “Don’t be so lazy.” “Get your sh*t together.” “What’s wrong with you??!” “You’re such a disappointment.”

I’m definitely in favor of dedication and discipline — when it’s done with love, self-compassion and self-respect.

Yet, it’s equally important to remember that many of life’s greatest miracles — like a child being born, a cut on your skin being healed, or falling in love — happen completely naturally and instinctually. No textbook or lesson plan required. No training. No licensing exam. No extra “effort” or “force” needed.

The miracle just… happens.

As human beings, we all have incredible intuitive abilities and instincts.

But many of us have become so caught up in negative emotions (fear, guilt, shame, self-blame) and so consumed by busyness and distractions (wedded to social media, for example)… that we’ve lost touch with our true essence.

Many of us “push” and “force” so much — and yet, simultaneously, live below our full potential.

It’s time to remember that — just like the mother chicken laying, hatching and raising her 11 children — everything you need to create a “miracle” is already within you.

If you stop straining and simply allow yourself to return to your essence… you’ll find that you are far stronger and wiser than you realize. You already “know” what to do.

Everything you need to heal, grow, reach your goals and build a full and extraordinary life is already within you.

You… are a complete miracle.