Love, Always

Why I removed the “comments” section on my blog.

Every so often, I take some time to peruse my website, take a closer look at my business systems and policies, and consider whether the way I’ve done things in the past… is truly the best way going forward.

During one of my self-assessments, I found myself returning to one question.

This question kept wiggling in my mind. It refused to be ignored — like a fussy child who wants attention. It’s a relatively small question — all things considered — yet sometimes, it’s the “small things” that require our attention most of all.

That question?

It was this:

“Should I have a comments section on my blog, or not?”

I love blogging. I do so prolifically. (Alex, my writing coach for two wonderful years, used to call me a “Blog-O-Matic Machine!”)

Reading comments on blog posts can be so lovely. It’s always nice to know that your work is resonating and that people are getting value from the words that you write! Plus, I’ve always enjoyed offering little useful tidbits or resources when people pose questions in the comments. Nothing wrong with any of that. Quite pleasant, actually.

Yet… hmm.

That question kept returning.

“Should I have comments? Or turn them off?”

I must admit: I really wrestled with this one. I could see pros and cons to either option.
Doing research on the Internet didn’t help, either. (So many conflicting opinions!)

Ultimately, my intuition chimed in with a different question:

“What is my highest hope — my biggest wish — for the people who visit my blog?”

Ahh. OK. Some clarity, now.

My biggest wish… is for you to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

My biggest wish… is for you to get the tools and practices that you need in order to make that happen.

My biggest wish… is for you to realize that it is never too late to make real, permanent, significant changes in ANY area of your life.

My biggest of all BIG wishes… is for you to take action! To do something — anything, no matter how small — to upgrade your life TODAY.


That’s my wish.

Do blog comments help people to take action? Maybe, sometimes… sort of.

Mostly, though, I would argue: not so much.

Comments are nice. Comments can be a pleasant way to connect and keep in touch. But often (and I speak from personal experience!) hanging out online and commenting on blog posts can be… just another distraction. Just another way to side-step, procrastinate, and avoid the deeper action that you really need to take.

Once this clicked for me, I realized, “Ohhh. Removing the comments from my blog could actually be something truly consturctive. That feels good. That feels right. I have my answer, now.”

So for those of you who have wondered, “Whatever happened to the comments?” … now you know my reasoning.

By removing the comments, I am subtly (perhaps, symbolically) saying:

Go. Get offline. Take what you’ve learned here today — and take the exciting, positive, passionate feelings you’re feeling — and put them into ACTION!

Action is what can transform your life.

Not commentary.

That’s the beautiful, powerful truth.

Wishing you a day of joyful, focused action.

. . .

Here are a few questions to possibly reflect on — and act upon: What’s your favorite “procrastination technique” or “distraction”? Reading and commenting on blogs? Watching TV? Puttering around the house? What might be possible — for your life — if you removed that distraction, even just for two or three days? What could you achieve? Who would you become?