Love, Always

Tired? Stressed? How to get a beautiful night’s sleep… tonight!

Imagine this:

It’s morning… and for the first time in a very long time, your body wakes up naturally.

No irritating alarm clock required.

Instead of hearing an insistent buzzer, you arise to the sound of birdsong.

The first few rays of dawn sunlight peek through your window, gently beckoning you out of bed.

You stretch out your entire body, nice and long, and instead of that cloudy, heavy, tired feeling you’ve become accustomed to, you feel energized right away.

You head over to the coffee maker but then stop in your tracks, realizing, “Hmm, maybe I don’t even need a java jolt today. I already feel so… awake!”

Sound like an impossible fantasy? I can understand that.

For millions of people, getting a good night’s sleep is a serious struggle.

Stressful situations at work, squabbles at home, fretting over unfinished projects, the persistent glare of the computer screen, or just being too darn busy… there are so many factors that can prevent you from getting a high-quality 8- or 9-hour snooze.

It’s a real problem, because getting insufficient sleep is highly disruptive to your mental, emotional and physical health. Sleep deprivation can dull your sex drive, create skin issues and accelerate the signs of aging, cause accidents, make you more forgetful, disrupt your appetite and even lead to weight gain. (Not saying this to stress you out. Just stating the facts!)

I would love for you to get a deep, restful night’s sleep tonight. And every night.

To support you, I’ve created something quite lovely: The Good Night’s Sleep Meditation.

Grab your favorite PJs, pillows and blankets, tuck yourself into bed tonight, play this 15-minute meditation… and give yourself the gift of a beautiful night’s sleep. Zzzz. So good. (You can purchase it here.)

And tomorrow morning, when you wake up, try out The Beautiful Morning Meditation. (This one is FREE!). A simple way to set the tone for an excellent day.

I loved recording these two meditations for you, along with several others in my meditation collection. Try them all… and enjoy the audio-love.