Love, Always

But what about… you?

Does it feel like everybody “wants” something from you?

Around this time of year, many of my clients tell me that they feel pulled in so many different directions—personally, professionally, and financially.

Maybe your mother wants to see the grandkids on Christmas Day—but your ex-spouse does too. Maybe your boss wants you to work overtime to cover for someone who’s out sick—but then that cuts into your vacation time. Business owners are crowding into your inbox sharing news about holiday discounts and big, can’t miss, end-of-the-year sales. Friends invite you to parties. There’s a “Secret Santa” deal going on around the office and you’re supposed to buy a gift. Everyone wants you to do something, buy something, be here, there, and everywhere. So many requests. So many wants.

But what about… you?

What do you want? What is truly best for you and your loved ones?

In your heart, intuitively, you know all the answers. You know what is “right” and what is “too much.” You know what feels “nourishing” and what feels “depleting.” You know when you are “hungry” and when you are “full.” Deep down: you always know.

If you feel yourself being tugged and pulled every which-way, breathe, breathe again, and try to listen to that voice inside of you that sounds like a wise, caring friend.

The answers you seek… are right there.

. . .

I am wishing you a warm, beautiful Thanksgiving holiday week & weekend.

If you find yourself curled up with a mug of apple cider and a few extra moments to breathe, relax, and catch up on some reading, here are some festive, holiday-focused articles that I’ve written: all curated here for you.

Sunshine, sweet friends, papayas & all the simple pleasures – my gratitude list. (I wrote this list around this time last year. Still grateful for all of these wonderful people and experiences, one year later!)

Thoughts on saying “Thank You. It takes grace and strength to remain “grateful” even when things don’t always go as planned. I love this quote from Oprah: “True forgiveness is when you can say, ‘Thank you for that experience’.”

Does someone need a “Thank You” from you? The simple act of saying “thank you” can brighten someone’s whole day. So powerful!

A very simple “gratitude practice. You don’t necessarily have to keep a daily journal or meditate on the notion of gratitude for hours every week. Simply saying “thank you” to the world, upon getting out of bed, can shift your mood!

That ‘one little thing’ you’ve been meaning to say? Say it. Whether it’s “thank you” or “I love you” or “your book changed my life” or “you make the best salads in town!” don’t hold back! Express your appreciation. You just never know how your words might impact another person’s life.

How to avoid holiday overeating. Many people think the “secret” to eating a moderate amount, and not overdoing it, is “willpower.” I disagree. I’ve found that the secret is to release stress—all throughout your day—so that stressful emotions don’t have a chance to “build up” inside of you. If you keep your stress levels in check, then the urge to overeat your way into a “food coma” simply won’t “be” there.

Your holiday survival kit. This was so fun to put together! Even more strategies to help you prevent overeating, overspending, overscheduling yourself, over-anything!

The “beautiful morning” meditation. My life coaching clients really enjoy when I record little “audio meditations” for them to listen to later, after our sessions. So earlier this year I thought to myself, “Why not put some meditations on my website, too!” The “beautiful morning” meditation is 12 minutes long and totally free—you can listen to it first thing in the morning to get focused, clear-minded, and ready for a beautiful day. You’ll find several more meditations here, including a meditation that can help you get motivated to exercise, a meditation for writers who feel “stuck,” and many more. Enjoy!

Sending so much love & aloha from Hawaii… across the ocean waves… to your and your family.

. . .

Thank You_audio meditation page
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