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Business Consulting

Ever reflect on your professional life and wonder, “Is this really as good as it gets?”

Feel like you haven’t yet reached your full potential? Like there’s more you want to do, experience… or achieve?

Excited about big projects and new plans, but feel somewhat stalled?

As a business consultant, I understand. With my toolkit of consulting skills — and background in human behavior — a passion of mine is to support people (in-person/virtual) to achieve their professional goals. Over the years, this has included supporting people to…

– Switch careers, get raises and promotions, and launch new businesses.
– Make great professional strides, while being “super-parents” and strong role models for their children.
– And more.

The beauty of one-to-one, individualized business consulting is that it can get results.

Through consulting, there’s typically a way to clarify goals, craft a plan, and take action for success.


Recently, my in-person (land-based) work has taken up much of my schedule. So, I’m accepting a limited number of virtual business consulting bookings.


I offer consulting worldwide — via phone or video chat.

Business consulting begins with a one-hour consultation (cost: $450 USD).

After the first meeting, if we decide to work together, we’ll create a plan based on your goals — and a timeline. (People often schedule 2 meetings/month for about 6 months, but to progress faster, sometimes an “accelerated” program is set-up with weekly meetings for about 4 weeks.)


Questions? Read the FAQs below. After that?

To inquire about setting up an initial business consultation — click here. Do not include confidential information/details.

Expect a reply within one business day, plus scheduling details, a consulting agreement, and a simple payment link.

One more thing…

It is possible to create the professional life one wants, and it’s never too late to get started.


1. Any articles to read on topics a business consultant may cover?

Sure. First, some context — I’ve been a Master Career Coach for The Muse, an award-winning online career resource, with over 4 million quality, professional members. (Due to schedule demands, I’m not currently taking on new business/career coaching assignments for The Muse.) To read my articles published by The Muse, on my column “Be Well At Work,” click here, here, or here. Please review the Article Disclaimer. 

“Wow! This is fantastic stuff. You’re clearly incredible at what you do, and I’m so thrilled to share your advice with our audience!”
— Adrian Granzella Larssen, Editor-in-Chief, The Muse

2. Who is business consulting best suited for?

Speaking from my own perspective, only, I’ve had terrific success working with high-functioning people who have demanding lifestyles — doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, super-busy parents, and others. People who are doing “great” in some areas of life — but want to “raise the bar” in others.

Those who successfully work with me aren’t always (and don’t need to be) doctors, lawyers, and business owners. But they tend to have inspiringly, high standards — and keep striving to be their total best.

They also want results. Once they commit to a business consulting program, they’re all in!

3. As a business consultant, what’s your top tip for people who want to become high achievers?

This brings to mind a career highlight — when a reporter from NBC’s TODAY Show requested an interview with me.

She subsequently featured me in her article, “How to Succeed Everywhere: 10 Tips for Balance at Work, Home, in Relationships” — published on NBC’s TODAY. Here’s an excerpt from her article, addressing becoming a high achiever:

“The first step is to believe in yourself and know that you deserve success. Gelb says that although many women have a hard time overcoming social stigmas — such as the outdated belief that women cannot be competent employees and mothers at the same time — once a woman realizes her full potential and rids her mind of toxic thoughts, she can take over the world, Beyoncé style.

In this week’s Summer of Secrets: Successful Women series, Gelb gives her top tips on how women can become and remain high achievers in all aspects of their life.”


Article Disclaimer

These articles are for informational/educational purposes only. They are not a substitute for professional or psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Consult a qualified healthcare provider before starting/modifying any personal growth program/technique, and with questions about health and well-being.



In addition to — but completely separate from — business consulting, I’m a psychologist in the State of Hawaii. To learn about my psychology work, head over here.