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Life Coaching with Dr. Suzanne Gelb

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Do you ever think about your life and wonder, “Is this really as good as it gets?”

Do you feel like you’re not reaching your full potential? Like there’s “more” you are meant to be doing, experiencing… or contributing to the world?

Do you get excited about big projects & new plans, but then fall back into “bad habits” and wind up sabotaging your efforts, again and again?

As a professional life coach, I can help.

With my toolkit of coaching skills—combined with my training in clinical psychology—I have been helping men & women—all over the world—to reach their most important personal & professional goals for 29 years.

Every year, I have the honor of helping people to…

—Lose weight & transform their bodies — permanently.
—Revive stale relationships & rekindle their sex drive (yes!)
—Become “super-parents” and amazing role models for their kids.
—Switch careers, get raises and promotions, and launch new businesses.
—And so much more.

The beauty of life coaching is that it’s applicable to… lots of topics and challenges.

Through the coaching process, there are powerful ways to get clear, make a plan, and make significant progress.

Booking A Session

I offer life coaching to clients all over the world, primarily over the phone & via Skype, a free online video-chat platform, or FaceTime for Mac.

If you’re a new client, we’ll begin with a one-hour meeting priced at $400.

After our first meeting, if feasible, we’ll create a plan based on your goals—and your timeline. (Most clients who work with me after the initial session, wind up booking 2 meetings / month for about 6 months, but if you want to make progress, faster, we may want to create an “accelerated” program. We’ll work it out, together.)

My cancellation policy for all coaching meetings can be found here.

Your Next Step

Contact me using the form on this page to set up your first coaching meeting—or to get back in touch, if you’re a returning client.

*New* Got some big dreams and goals for the next few months and beyond? Want to start laying the foundation, right now, to give yourself a beautiful “head start” before mid-2016 rolls around? I have a new coaching package called “Best Year Ever” that could be a perfect fit for you. To learn more about this package, click here. To apply or ask a question, just pop me an email.

Looking forward to connecting. Until soon!

A Few More Things To Know

—Life coaching is not suitable for people who are struggling with serious emotional trauma or mental health issues. If that’s your situation, please click here to find qualified providers in your local area who can help. Be well.

—If you’re not sure if I’m the right life coach for you, please spend some time exploring my blog archives, watching my media clips, taking one of my low-cost e-courses, and getting a deeper sense of my personality & philosophy.

In addition to working as a life coach, I am also a clinical psychologist. There are some key differences between “coaching” and “psychotherapy.” To learn more about the differences between these two approaches, and to learn more about working with me as a psychologist (if you’re located in the State of Hawaii,) head over here.

—You can create the life you want, and it’s never too late to get started. Also? You are worthy of love and respect. From others. And from yourself. Just wanted to remind you. In case you forgot.

Praise For Dr. Gelb:

If you are looking for someone to talk to, I recommend Dr. Suzanne Gelb. She is a life coach AND a psychologist. Double-whammy of credentials. The cherry on top: she is a loving, kind-hearted entrepreneur, so she can especially relate to the woes and struggles you might be facing as a biz owner.
Melissa Casserra, PR & Personal Brand Expert, Actress, Screenwriter  


I owe a great debt to Dr. Suzanne Gelb, a psychologist who has dramatically changed the way that I think about “enforcing boundaries and policies”.
Alexandra Franzen, Author, Columnist, Communication Expert

Working with Dr. Gelb helped me see myself in a whole new light. After only one hour, I felt refreshed, revitalized & inspired. Simply put – work with Suzanne. You’ll be better for it.

My first meeting with Dr. Gelb was much more than introductory. She quickly identified & skillfully showed me how to fix several issues in my relationships. What an honor to work with her.

“My life improved immediately and dramatically because of Dr. Gelb’s coaching. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.”

“Suzanne I am thankful for you! I have known you for years and you are the best, awesome!
Throughout the years you have helped me and my daughter and still continue to do so. And for that my Awesome Lady! I am most thankful! You are the best!”

“I am so blessed to work with you to improve my life. I appreciate the healthy living tips you’ve given me. You’ve helped me understand my past and given me useful tools for my everyday life. I’ve learned to handle my feelings in a healthy way.”

“If you want to transform your life, Dr. Gelb’s the coach to work with. She’s educated, experienced and her results last.”

“I’ve tried other fixes, but Dr. Gelb’s coaching is the only one that works. I used her creative, heart-warming tools and got wonderful results.”

“Dr. Gelb’s one of the best coaches in the world: informed, positive, empowering. With her support, I’ve taken my life to a whole new level. No more obstacles with relationships, procrastination or confidence.”

“Dr. Gelb, you are so direct and insightful. You’re easy to talk to and super-smart. In just a few meetings with you, I go what I needed and felt empowered. You really helped me grow in my relationships. You know how to bring out the best in me.”

“Dr. Gelb is the best of the best. The coaching we’ve done together has been invaluable. It’s taken me to the next level personally and professionally. If you’re looking for relationship coaching, she’s the one.”

“Your expertise and creative relationship coaching made all the difference in how I related to my spouse, my kids, in business and with myself. Really. Thank you so much for your expertise and professionalism.”

“You do wonderful things for people and I am so thankful, as I’m sure many others are, to have you in my life.”

Praise For Dr. Gelb’s Writing:

“I still remember sitting with you, Suzanne, on the most incredibly gorgeous day in Hawaii, talking about work, words, books, and making a difference in the world. The notion for The Life Guides bubbled up in your mind and you said, “I’m going to do this. It will be my big project for next year.”

I remember thinking to myself, “You want to produce 12 new guidebooks in 1 year? Along with everything else you’ve got going on? Whoa. Uh. Okkkay…” But you pulled together a team, wrote your heart out, poured all of your insights into the pages, and you made it happen.

Because that’s who you are — and that’s the kind of person you inspire others to be, too. Creative. Prolific. Generous. Unstoppable.

It’s an honor to collaborate with you — and these Life Guides are gems. Timeless wisdom, lovingly packaged, covering challenges that just about every human being will contend with sooner or later. Bravo & Mahalo!”
Alexandra Franzen, Author, Columnist and Communication Expert

“Wow! This is fantastic stuff. You’re clearly incredible at what you do, and I’m so thrilled to share your advice with our audience!
Adrian Granzella Larssen, Editor-in-Chief, The Muse

“Dr. Gelb has a gentle spirit that instantly makes you feel like you’ve come home. The depth of her wisdom is undeniable, her curiosity is insatiable and her love is palpable. These qualities make her the perfect guide for life. In the pages of the Life Guides you will find practical and proven processes to support you in living your great life. Whether it’s heart-centered wisdom on navigating the dating world, love-based strategies for becoming a parent, or reaching your ideal weight through kindness, Dr. Gelb’s Life Guides are gifts to be treasured.”
Dr. Gemma Stone, Psychologist, Mentor, Author, Mom

Susan Hyatt

“Learning how to love yourself and treat yourself kindly — even when your life, career, body, and relationships aren’t ‘totally perfect’ — is one of the hardest things to do. Dr. Suzanne Gelb breaks down the art of self-love into practical steps. No woo-woo vagueness. Just easy-to-follow exercises pulled from her 28-year career in the field. If you’re looking for practicality and effectiveness, these Life Guides are a steal of a deal.”
Susan Hyatt, Master Certified Life Coach, Published Author, WebTV Host, International Speaker

Susan Harrow Media Expert

“You know when people say, “Just visualize your job interviewer in her underwear… and no one will be able to tell how nervous you are?” Unfortunately, that’s not quite true. As a former Human Resources consultant, I can tell you: you need to be clear, confident and self-assured at the hiring table, or you won’t get the opportunity you want. Your next step? Dr. Suzanne Gelb’s brilliant Life Guide on How To Find Work That You Love. (While you’re at it, considering purchasing all eleven Life Guides. They’re all gems!) You can have the career you want, but first, you have to learn how to manage your emotions so that you can make a terrific impression. Bravo to Dr. Gelb for creating these incredibly valuable — and affordable — guidebooks. I wish I could have given a copy to everyone I ever interviewed.”
Susan Harrow, Founder of PR Secrets, Bestselling Author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul

“As a career & business strategist, I know that finding great work isn’t always easy. It takes passion and patience. It’s a marathon — not a sprint! Having a terrific resume (or business plan) is just part of the process. You also need to get your mindset in a positive mode — and get your emotions working for you, instead of against you. Dr. Gelb’s Life Guide on “How to Find Work That You Love” is an indispensable road map to what is — for many — a grueling & challenging journey. Use this guide, and you’ll have the tools that you need to move forward with confidence and grace.”
Ellen Fondiler, Career and Business Strategist, Co-creater of The Miracle Worker, with Gala Darling

Dr. Sue Mathison
I just read and shared your beautiful article! “It is never, ever too late to become the person, parent, and role model that you want to be.”Love, Love, Love! You are so precious and your wisdom helps so many of us!
Dr. Susan Mathison, Triple Board-Certified Physician, Business Owner, Community Leader, Mom

Read Elizabeth Halt's beautiful testimonial
So enjoyed your harmless white lies post. I will remember this and refer to it often. It was good to be reminded that simple & honest is always ALWAYS best.
Elizabeth Halt, Artist, Storyteller, Wonderer

I love the new content you have been writing and found the Do you love your blog more than me? posting personally useful, as I struggled with that a lot over the last two years when I was worked from home.
Chris Barrett, Web Developer and Programmer

Annika Martins_Life Guide Testimonial

“Let’s be honest: there’s a lot of crappy dating advice out there. But Dr. Gelb’s Life Guide is a cut above the rest. This is sincere, heart-centered, healthy wisdom that WILL help singles find their special someone.”
Annika Martins, Host of The Sacred Podcast

Amanda Herbert_testimonial image
I stumbled across your site after reading Alexandra Franzen’s book, How to say NO … nicely, where she mentions your work. Thanks for the audio / workbook gift via your newsletter — most uplifting.I knew I’d hit solid gold with this gift. The audio was fantastic. The script hit the right tone, your voice is soothing & the pace just right. I’ve a busy week and tomorrow I’ve an important presentation — your ebook was the perfect tonic to help me slow down, realign my thoughts, be kind to myself.
(everything will work out) and focus on the positive.

Amanda Herbert, Photographer