Love, Always

The Life Guide On How To Forgive The One Who Hurt You Most Of All.

Forgive Life Guide_Dr. Gelb

Cheating. Betrayal. One big mistake. Or dozens of little white lies.

Whatever they did? It hurt. And you’re not sure you can ever forgive them.

The problem is, the anger and sadness that you’re holding onto… isn’t good for you.

As difficult as it may seem, forgiving people who have hurt you is essential to your personal happiness and wellbeing.

Inside this Life Guide, you’ll find powerful lessons to help you…

: Understand how “grudges” are formed and why it’s so important to let go.
: Repair your relationship with the one you’ve been hurt by (…if you want to).
: Understand the role that you may have played in this betrayal or heartache, so that you can prevent the scenario from re-playing again, in the future.
: And more.

Includes a 40-page digital workbook & 60-minute audio guide, so that you can listen to the entire book on-the-go.

To listen to a short audio sample, click on the arrow below.

Own the Guide: $25

“This guidebook has shown me the difference between natural, healthy, appropriate anger … and the heavy weight of a grudge. I’m glad that now I know the difference.”

Alexandra Franzen

Testimonial form Beth

“I was quite excited to receive your Forgiveness Life Guide and hoped it would help me in healing a particularly intense issue I’ve been harboring for many years. So far, nothing has worked and I was beyond ready to get this poison out of my life.

This past weekend, I read and thoroughly completed your guide. It was a definite “Aha moment” for me. I felt a tangible, immediate shift in my thinking.

This is no joke nor is it an exaggeration but I now feel more energy, clarity, and excitement than I’ve felt in ages. (think puppy after a bath)
And I’m no longer afraid that the feelings of betrayal might be triggered & resurface because I know I have your guide to get me right back on track.
It was so simple and yet so powerful.
I can’t begin to thank you enough.”

“I didn’t want to let go of my grudge against my dad, but holding onto it was stressful. This Guide helped me to understand that letting go of my grudge and being forgiving was for ME, not necessarily for my dad. That was liberating.

Dr. Gelb’s Guide also helped me stop denying & ignoring my feelings. By feeling, instead of pushing my feelings down (only to later come back up), I felt in charge—instead of somehow controlled by—my feelings.”


“This Guide lifted the weight of the world from my shoulders.

I was consumed by my anger towards my ex … until I read this guide. Now I have released my anger (safely,) and I’m at peace. I am so grateful to you.”