Love, Always

The Life Guide On How To Get Ready To Be A Parent — And Be The Best Mom Or Dad You Can Possibly Be.

Inside this Life Guide, you’ll find sensible steps to help you prepare for the joyful (but often stressful) experience of becoming a mom or dad.

This Guide is ideal for first-time parents, or parents who are expecting a new child and want to do things differently this time around.

You’ll learn how to:

: Express all of your feelings + concerns, instead of bottling them up.
: Change unhelpful patterns now, so that you don’t pass them onto your child.
: Communicate openly with your partner (if you have one) to get “on the same page” about parenting.
: Take practical steps to building a strong tribe of friends + allies to support you, so that you’re not going on this journey alone.
: And more!

Includes a 35-page digital workbook & 45-minute audio guide.

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Own the Guide: $25

“Dr. Suzanne Gelb has put together an incredible guide on how to navigate becoming a first time parent. There is so much information out there when it comes to parenting and it’s overwhelming!

Suzanne on the other hand, has a non-judgmental, simple and love-based approach to dealing with the transition. I have saved the guide in my “important” folder to revisit when I’m pregnant!”

Jessica Nazrali

“Your guidebooks are gems.”

Alexandra Franzen

“Straightforward and effective, this Guide serves as a wonderful tool in my commitment to making positive changes, not only for myself and my partner, but most importantly for our child who we are expecting.

My child deserves the best version of me.”

Alison S

“This Guide took away all the overwhelm and apprehension about having a first child and not screwing up. Sorry if that word is offensive, but it captures the fear I use to have.

After reading this beautiful guide, I am no longer afraid. I am excited & now I can’t wait to be a mom! Thank you so much.”

Angela P