Love, Always

The Life Guide On How To Reach Your Ideal Weight — Through Kindness, Not Craziness.

Inside this Life Guide, you’ll find proven steps to help you start treating your body with the care and respect it deserves.

Because once you do that, returning to your ideal weight happens naturally, without self-punishment or craziness.

You’ll learn how to:

: Prevent self-sabotaging behavior by managing your stress levels, effectively.
: Treat yourself with care + respect, even on days when your self-esteem is low.
: Build confidence (and feel sexy!) while you’re on a weight-loss journey.
: Create a self-care plan (that you’ll actually follow).
: And more!

Includes a 45-page digital workbook & 55-minute audio guide.

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Own the Guide: $25

Gemma Stone_Life Guide Testimonial

“Dr. Gelb has a gentle spirit that instantly makes you feel like you’ve come home. The depth of her wisdom is undeniable, her curiosity is insatiable and her love is palpable. These qualities make her the perfect guide for life.

In the pages of the Life Guides you will find practical and proven processes to support you in living your great life.

Whether it’s heart-centered wisdom on navigating the dating world, love-based strategies for becoming a parent, or reaching your ideal weight through kindness, Dr. Gelb’s Life Guides are gifts to be treasured.”

Dr. Gemma Stone

“This Life Guide came at the perfect time. My two fears about losing weight were dispelled immediately and it was such a relief to know that I can start looking after myself without the worry of going to the gym or going on another desperate diet.

The audio helped re-frame the reasons why I’ve let my weight spiral out of control and the work book helped me set out an action plan. Thanks Dr. Gelb for your Life Guide, here’s to a happier, healthier life.”

Amanda Herbert

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“With the amazing help of this Life Guide, I finally got it! What I’m really wanting is a diet of Love. But it’s a love I’m now learning to give to myself — thanks to Dr. Gelb’s Guide — instead of reaching for that love via food. And the pounds are dropping now … quickly & effortlessly! For real.”

Natasha N

“Your guidebooks are gems.”

Alexandra Franzen