Love, Always

The Life Guide On How To Deal With People Who Drive You Absolutely Nuts.

Life Guide_People Who Drive You Nuts

Is it the “cocky” tone in his voice?

The peculiar smell coming from her cubicle?

The fact that he’s never, ever on time… even when it’s important?

Or maybe it’s not just “one” person — but everyone on the freeway right now! (Those *%^*%$! idiots!)

Let’s face it: some people just drive you absolutely nuts!

But no matter how “annoying” certain people may be… your emotions are your responsibility.

You can learn how to keep your cool — no matter what’s going on around you.
(It’s a very “cool” skill to possess!)

Inside this Life Guide, you’ll learn how to…

: Understand why you have such strong emotional responses to certain people, but not others.
: Deal with annoying people and situations without blowing up, yelling, or doing something else that you might regret.
: Create healthy outlets for your anger, so that you can “uncork” safely, in private.
: And more!

Includes a 45 page digital workbook & 50-minute audio guide, so that you can listen to the entire book on-the-go.

To listen to a short audio sample, click on the arrow below.

Own the Guide: $25

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“Thank you, thank you, thank you. Finally, I understand why kept losing it with my kids. Not cool! Now I know how to keep a lid on things. I’ve read a lot of anger management books — nothing comes close to this guide. You rock!”

Belinda K

“I’ve tried so many things hoping to figure out why certain people rub me the wrong way. Your guide gave me so many answers. Finally! I’m so glad I found you and this Life Guide.”

Rick C


“Dr. Gelb’s Life Guide on People Who Drive You Nuts should be on everyone’s bookshelf who ever got angry at someone else — even once! Such simple wisdom, carefully explained. My relationship with my husband is much calmer now, and the kids keep saying, “Mom, is something wrong?” That’s because they’re not used to the house being so quiet!”

Karen C

“Your guidebooks are gems.”

Alexandra Franzen