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Over the years I have written lots of articles that have been published on this website — and in many other publications. My goal: that the articles be easy to read and understand, informative, and inspiring.

Here is a list of some of my most popular articles (by topic as featured on my website, or by publication). Click on TOPICS or PUBLICATIONS below. Then scroll down.

Please keep in mind that these articles are for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for professional or psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always check with your qualified healthcare provider before beginning or modifying any personal growth program or technique, and with any questions about your health and well-being.

Special treat — Most, Most Popular:

What Actually Happens During A Therapy Session? on Psychology Today. 118,729 views.

8 Simple Truths About Raising Happy, Successful Kids on Psychology Today. 27,119 views.

5 Reasons We Resist Therapy (and 4 Reasons We Shouldn’t) on Psychology Today. 19,187 views.

7 Dangerous Lessons We Need To Stop Teaching Our Kids on Mind Body Green. 15,692 shares.




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Achieving Goals.

Didn’t get what you wanted? Don’t be discouraged. Your rewards are coming.


Earning Every Wrinkle: How I Learned To Love My (Slightly-Older) Body.

What kind of “older person” do you want to be?

“You are not invisible.” A love letter to older women, everywhere.

Business and Career.

Being “specific” isn’t cold. It’s pure love.

Spring Cleaning For Your Career [part 3 / 3].


Your body is talking. Are you listening?

What if you never hated your body, again? (This story could be your wake-up call.)

An interesting question


How to “just be friends” with someone after a break-up: A 4-part series on one of life’s toughest dilemmas. Part 1.

How to “just be friends” with someone after a break-up: Part 2.

How to “just be friends” with someone after a break-up: Part 3.

How to “just be friends” with someone after a break-up: Part 4.


That “one little thing” you’ve been meaning to say? Say it.

Why “harmless” white lies… aren’t. (And how to start telling the truth.)


Can’t get motivated to exercise? 3 powerful tools that can help.


Why is it easy to be nice to other people … but so hard to be nice to ourselves?


How to forgive anyone for anything. (Even yourself.)

Is it possible to forgive … anyone? (Even the one who has hurt you most of all?)


Sunshine, Sweet Friends, Papayas & All The Simple Pleasures: My 2014 Gratitude List. (What’s Yours?)


12 treats to help you survive the holidays — with your bank account, waistline and sanity, intact.

But what about… you?

This Labor Day, dream into your future. (Oh, and please… get offline!)

Your Holiday Survival Kit: Psychologist-Approved Techniques To Help You Stop Overspending, Overeating & Overcramming Your Calendar.

Joy is everywhere. (A loving reminder for people who are feeling the “post-holiday blues.”)

You are loved.


Feeling phone-verwhelmed? 5 tips to help you create a healthier, happier relationship with your smartphone.

Injured? Stuck in bed? Can’t work? How to remain positive and hopeful when your “normal life” is “on hold.”


Saying goodbye to a pet: how to cope with the loss of your best furry friend.


Love has no substitute.


Need a miracle? Be here now.

Praying for a miracle? Maybe you don’t need to “try” so hard.


How to believe in yourself again when you’ve really messed up.

How to win back someone’s trust when you’ve really messed up.


You learned how to overeat. You can unlearn it, too.


8 simple truths about raising happy, healthy, successful kids.

Back to School: How to Set Your Kids Up For a Happy, Successful Semester. (Best School Year Ever!)

Back to school! Parents: 6 ways to help your child make a smooth transition into the new school year.

Fifty things to talk about at dinner.

Five meaningful questions to ask your father… before it’s too late.

Give love, in equal amounts.

How Mother’s Day Can Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem.

How to talk to your kids about cancer.

How to talk to children about divorce.

“Mommy, do you love your blog more than me?” What to do when your child feels in competition with your work.

My child doesn’t respond to rules or consequences. Nothing works!

Overcoming Shyness! Parents: 6 ways to help your child make a shift from shyness to confidence.

Parents: 10 vital life lessons to teach your kids before they turn 10.

School’s out! Parents: 10 ways to help your child build more self-esteem this summer.

So… You are a mom or dad now. You want to “love” parenthood. But you don’t. Now what?

Raising kids who love reading, devour books voraciously, and practically beg for a trip to the library.

Talking to children about tragedy.

Spring Cleaning For Your Life [part 1 / 3].

What to do… when your grown-up child doesn’t want a relationship with you.

Why “bribing” your child with treats… doesn’t work. (And what does.)

Why people do terrible things — and how we can all make it stop.

Personal Growth.

Go to your room. Choose your corner. Begin.


Spring Cleaning For Your Life [part 2 / 3].

Relationship missing that spark? 3 ways to re-ignite the flame … and have a verrry fun night!


Rejected? A powerful story that can change the way you feel about break-ups forever.


Feeling resentful because your partner NEVER helps out around the house? Read this.


Ace your resolutions.


A public love letter to my garden. (And: why getting dirty is good for your health.)

How to take care of yourself even when life is “crazy busy” and everyone “needs” you.

Super full schedule? Too much going on? Read this.
Tired? Stressed? How to get a beautiful night’s sleep… tonight!


“This one? Or that one? What do YOU think?” The misery of second-guessing — and how to stop it.


Need a time-out from busyness & stress? Start Here.

Taking Action.

Why I removed the “comments” section on my blog.


Not everyone is cheering for your success. Don’t stop. Keep loving. Keep going.


An open letter to teenagers everywhere: What I wish I had known about sex when I was your age.

It can be a scary world out there for kids & teens.


5 Reasons We Resist Therapy (and 4 Reasons We Shouldn’t).

Why I want to go out of business.


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