Love, Always

The Life Guide On How To Navigate Being Single — And Savor Your Dating Adventure

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Inside this Life Guide, you’ll find a series of steps & tools to help you prepare for and build the loving, healthy relationship that you deserve.

You’ll learn how to:

: Tame anxiety before a first date.
: Wisely discern if somebody is “right” for you.
: Identify patterns that have blocked love, in the past.
: Tactfully say, “I’m not interested.”
: Gracefully handle rejection.
: And more!

Includes a 45-page digital workbook & 55-minute audio guide.

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Own the Guide: $25

Annika Martins_Life Guide Testimonial

“Let’s be honest: there’s a lot of crappy dating advice out there. But Dr. Gelb’s Life Guide is a cut above the rest. This is sincere, heart-centered, healthy wisdom that WILL help singles find their special someone.”

Annika Martins

Gemma Stone_Life Guide Testimonial

“Dr. Gelb has a gentle spirit that instantly makes you feel like you’ve come home. The depth of her wisdom is undeniable, her curiosity is insatiable and her love is palpable. These qualities make her the perfect guide for life.

In the pages of the Life Guides you will find practical and proven processes to support you in living your great life.

Whether it’s heart-centered wisdom on navigating the dating world, love-based strategies for becoming a parent, or reaching your ideal weight through kindness, Dr. Gelb’s Life Guides are gifts to be treasured.”

Dr. Gemma Stone

Alexandra Franzen_Life Guide tweet

Alexandra Franzen

Pascale Kavanagh_Life Guide Testimonial

“Dr. Gelb is a voice for real people in real life situations looking for help. Her guide for singles takes you through both the emotional preparation for getting yourself out there, as well as specific steps to tackle on-line dating, pre-date prep and rejection.

In an easily digestible size, with clear language, this guide is the perfect companion for the single girl (or guy). Thank you Suzanne!”

Pascale Kavanagh

Image_Life Guide Testimonial

“Inspiring, very informative, and so helpful. The writing exercises in particular, are valuable for getting in touch with feelings and desires.

Partner with this Guide to find your one-in-a-lifetime partner! I recommend this Guide to clients and to all my single friends!”

Alicia L