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“Thanks for the audio / workbook gift via your newsletter — most uplifting. I knew I’d hit solid gold with this gift. The audio was fantastic. The script hit the right tone, your voice is soothing & the pace just right.”

—Amanda Herbert, Photographer

“Wow! This is fantastic stuff. You’re clearly incredible at what you do, and I’m so thrilled to share your advice with our audience!”

—Adrian Granzella Larssen, Editor-in-Chief, The Muse

“Dr. Gelb has a gentle spirit that instantly makes you feel like you’ve come home. The depth of her wisdom is undeniable, her curiosity is insatiable and her love is palpable. These qualities make her the perfect guide for life.”

—Dr. Gemma Stone, Psychologist, Mentor, Author, Mom

“If you are looking for someone to talk to, I recommend Dr. Suzanne Gelb. She is a life coach AND a psychologist. Double-whammy of credentials. The cherry on top: she is a loving, kind-hearted entrepreneur, so she can especially relate to the woes and struggles you might be facing as a biz owner.”

—Melissa Casserra, PR and Personal Brand Expert, Actress, Screenwriter

“I just read and shared your beautiful article! “It is never, ever too late to become the person, parent, and role model that you want to be.” Love, Love, Love! You are so precious and your wisdom helps so many of us!”

—Dr. Susan Mathison, Triple Board-Certified Physician, Business Owner, Community Leader, Mom

“I love the new content you have been writing and found the “Do you love your blog more than me?” posting personally useful, as I struggled with that a lot over the last two years when I was worked from home.”

—Chris Barrett, Web Developer and Programmer 

“I owe a great debt to Dr. Suzanne Gelb, a psychologist who has dramatically changed the way that I think about ‘enforcing boundaries and policies’. (Her guidebooks, by the way, are true gems.)”

—Alexandra Franzen, Author, Columnist and Communication Expert

“Dr. Suzanne Gelb breaks down the art of self-love into practical steps. No woo-woo vagueness. Just easy-to-follow exercises pulled from her 28-year career in the field. If you’re looking for practicality and effectiveness, these Life Guides are a steal of a deal.”

—Susan Hyatt, Master Certified Life Coach, Published Author, WebTV Host, International Speaker

“Bravo to Dr. Gelb for creating these incredibly valuable — and affordable — guidebooks. I wish I could have given a copy to everyone I ever interviewed.”

—Susan Harrow, Founder of PR Secrets, Bestselling Author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul

“Dr. Gelb’s Life Guide on “How to Find Work That You Love” is an indispensable road map to what is — for many — a grueling & challenging journey. Use this guide, and you’ll have the tools that you need to move forward with confidence and grace.”

—Ellen Fondiler, Career and Business Strategist, Co-creater of The Miracle Worker, with Gala Darling

“So enjoyed your harmless white lies post. I will remember this and refer to it often. It was good to be reminded that simple & honest is always ALWAYS best.”

—Elizabeth Halt, Artist, Storyteller, Wonderer

“I just had to email and let you know how much I love your posts. Your warmth, humor and honesty shine through, and your words really resonate with me.”

—Beth Laster, Enrolled in Marie Forleo’s B-School

“Thanks for the great interview [for the lead story on the evening news] on such short notice!”

—Alex Cerball, Reporter for KHON2TV News