Love, Always

The Life Guide On How To Rekindle That Spark — And Create The Relationship & Sex Life That You Want.

Rekindle That Spark_Dr. Gelb

Is your sex life feeling “blah”?

Feeling cold and resentful because of something your partner did, or didn’t do, in the past?

Can’t remember the last time you felt turned on and tingly — like when you first started dating?

Before you head for divorce court, or have that big break-up talk, please…

Get this Life Guide, read it with your partner, and infuse some fresh energy into your relationship. (Love is always worth the effort.)

Inside this Life Guide, you’ll learn how to…

: Share your feelings with your partner more openly and honestly.
: Identify what might be inhibiting the relationship & sex life that you want. (The “real” issue might surprise both of you!)
: Create a written commitment to support a new & healthier relationship.
: Rekindle those tingly, sexy feelings with playful date-night activities.
: And more!

Includes a 40-page digital workbook & 60-minute audio guide, so that you can listen to the entire book on-the-go.

To listen to a short audio sample, click on the arrow below.

Own the Guide: $25

“This Guide got us out of our relationship rut and helped us stir up the passion we felt early on in our relationship, and to remember why we fell in love in the first place.

Thanks to the simple and do-able exercises, we have revived fun, play and touch in our relationship. Hand-holding and hugs used to be a thing of the past. No more!”

John & Elise

“Before working through this Guide, we were more like roommates who’ve lived together for years and the romance had gone. Thanks to this Guide we share much more affection and connection, and my lingerie is no longer collecting dust!

We also more compassionate and kind to each other. And now we schedule time for each other — even if it’s for sex. We have to reserve this time, and we look forward to sharing an activity together.”

Rob & Jessie

“We were contemplating divorce. Then we thought we’d ‘try one last time’ … so we read your guide. Now? We’re best friends again, off-the-top lovers, and totally recommitted.

PS. We’re not exaggerating. Dr. Gelb’s Life Guide is amazing. It works!”

Michael & Nadine

“Your guidebooks are gems.”

Alexandra Franzen